International Youth Day Report

  • On 12th August every year global leaders both in the political, civil and corporate fronts come together to mark a momentous day, International Youth Day. This is a day that was set aside to be marked in efforts to ramp up commitment for youth empowerment. It’s a time that stakeholders take stock of advances made, review the drawbacks and shortfalls to set course for the next stride of action. This year 2020, the day came at a time when the world was battling a global health pandemic that beyond the health implications was exposing the inequalities the world is struggling with ranging from racism, religious acrimony, gender inequalities among others. On the backdrop of this, we acknowledge the contribution of the young people in different fronts even in the fight against COVID-19 where the youth have organized themselves with utmost ingenuity to serve their communities.
  • To commemorate the day, we partnered with Planet Wizard Africa, to coordinate and host a series of discussions on  the advances necessary for meaningful youth engagement for global action as per the theme for the year: “Youth Engagement for Global Action.”  We are confident in the ability of the youth to drive action in our communities, to address systemic and social inequalities. However, for them to do this there is a need for deliberate investment in the youth. To be able to deliver on their aspirations of a just, fair and prosperous society, the youth need an ecosystem that enables them thrive. It’s on this account that we hosted three (3) part series discussion covering: Youth and Entrepreneurship; Youth and Employment; and Youth Responsive Policies and Governance. In our discussions, the focus was to enlighten the youth and expose them to platforms through which they could build their capacities and drive action towards meaningful youth engagement. Find the report here.

International Youth Day_Communique

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