Community Pharmacy Survey on Impact of COVID-19 and Future of Pharmacy Practice

  • Access to essential healthcare services is a critical component of the aspirations of Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) and roadmap to its realization, Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC). This access is driven by availability of health facilities, medicines and their quality and the affordability of the services and products. Community pharmacies are the most accessible health care centers in the country but are not integrated into the mainstream care spectrum. They also serve as first points of contact with the health system for most Kenyans.
  • To understand the impact of COVID-19 on community pharmacies and the future of community pharmacy practice post-COVID-19 we did a survey in Kenya. This is based on the realization that community pharmacies are critical components of the healthcare delivery system. A survey was done using questionnaires that captured demographics, business capabilities assessment, opportunities for business growth and partnerships, impact of COVID-19 on business and staff, Coping and Mitigation measures adopted and Post-COVID assessment. These were distributed to community pharmacies electronically and/or in print.
  • 448 responses were received with 95% reporting being impacted negatively by COVID-19. Most were optimistic of a bounce back guided by the new measures they had adopted such as integration of professional services as key component of care, involvement in policy review and improvements, adoption of business management skills and digital solutions.  It was evident that COVID-19 had negatively impacted community pharmacies but beyond the disruption caused, it was a wake up call for community pharmacies to improve on business efficiencies, further professionalism in practice, advocate for responsive policies and contribute actively to their communities at such times of crisis. The future of community pharmacy is promising. Find the summary report of the findings here

Community Pharmacy Survey Findings

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