Advancing Heart Failure Management

Heart failure is characterized by the inability of the heart to pump enough blood to supply different body organs with sufficient nourishment for optimal function. There are varied causes of heart failure and depending on the manifestation, the management approaches adopted also vary. When the ability of the heart to pump blood out is compromised, we have systolic heart failure while when the filling of the heart is impaired we have diastolic heart failure. On these accounts there may be an underlying disease state such as diabetes, hypertension etc. which either affects the amount of blood that gets to the heart or the contractility and rate of the heart.

In managing heart failure there are different interventions that are recommended starting from lifestyle modification to reverse some underlying factors that increase risk such as smoking, obesity etc. to use of medicines.

You can view our the recording of the session here.

Cognizant of the need to advance care in compliance with regulatory frameworks, we hosted Dr. Stella Kiptanui, Superintendent Pharmacist – MYDAWA who shared on the “Quality Assurance in Patient Care” they have in place to advance care.

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