THE COVID YEAR: Reflections from Ryculture Operational Research Task Force

It’s been a year. One we ventured into with high hopes, plans and resolutions. It was to be the year but then we’ll now consider it to be a year that was. At the onset of the year as an organization, we had set out to operationalize a couple of our programs. Little did we know that a viral disease was setting pace in China to colonize the world and give us a mandatory break. It came a moment for us to pivot over this period realizing that there wasn’t a way we could continue with our standard plans. 

Our mission being to improve access to healthcare services and promote general human wellbeing, we saw a need to integrate our overall offerings into a single track. This was the Operational Research Task Force. It was the ultimate arsenal to commit to human capacity development by training, mentoring and guiding young people who were enlisted to be able to read, analyse and summarize clear guidance in response to the current pandemic. We started off as a team and morphed into a family that has taken us through the year. Learning, Supporting and Growing with each other as we contribute to the betterment of our health systems.

This is a compilation of reflections from the taskforce members through the year. It’s our hope and wish that you’ll enjoy the read, get enlightened and most importantly pick up something to take you through the remaining part of the year.

Thank you.


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