Are leaders born or made?| Ryculture – KEPhSA host a Leadership Training at Kabarak University

This is a debate as timeless as the age-old controversy about the chicken and the egg. Do effective leaders learn to become superior communicators and relationship builders? Or do people with exemplary communication and teamwork abilities naturally have an aptitude for leadership?

On this argument I choose to be counted on the behavioral theorists’ corner. The believers of the gospel that people can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning and observation. Leadership is an art rather than a science and as with most kind of art the skills can be acquired by education, training and experience.

Here goes another cliché ‘Youth are the Leaders of Tomorrow’. I have known this saying since infancy and still yet to discern if it’s true in its real sense. Whether true or not I have become fond its flip-side ‘Youth are the Leaders of Today’. However, it may be, whether the leaders of today or tomorrow, all that matters is the desire for difference from yesterday.

The point I am trying to drive home is that leadership is a set of skills that can be learned by training, perception, practice and experience over time and one perfects a skill when acquired early in their prime years. It is in this regard that Ryculture Health and social innovation set up a program to mentor and coach the young generation in matters leadership and personal development.

On 18th February 2020, a team of IPSF Trainers cum Ryculture Trainers set out in collaboration with the Pharmacy Students’ Association of Kenya (KEPhSA) to facilitate a Leaders-In-Training (LIT) at Kabarak University for the Pharmacy Students’ Associations leaders. This is in line with our Coaching & Mentorship Program that’s committed to building the capacity of young people to be effective leaders to drive positive change in our society.

We believe that as a society our progress will be determined by how capable our leaders are to deliver on their mandate, self-drive in the youth and competence to execute positive impact projects for a difference. The topics trained on to drive this agenda were: Project Management (Ms. Luciah Kamau), Critical Thinking (Ms. Lilian Ngaruiya), Time management during meetings (Ms. Gladys Wairimu), Emotional Intelligence (Ms. Purity Wambui), Resource Mobilization (Dr. Odhiambo David) and Introduction to Leadership (Dr. Onyango Michael).

The session was moderated by the KEPhSA President, Mr. Samuel Gioto with Keynote Address by Hon. Dr. Elizabeth Ogaja: Former CEC Health, Kisumu County, Patron Kabarak University Pharmacy Students’ Association (KUPSA) and Lecturer, Kabarak University.

As Ryculture we are committed to make a difference by nurturing the next generation of leaders and this is what drives our contribution in such forums. We are grateful for the collaboration with KEPhSA and hope to create synergy and work together with other like-minded organizations.

Author: Dr. Onyango Michael; Managing Director, Ryculture Health and Social Innovation

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