Galvanizing Action to Close the Cancer Care Gap – World Cancer Day 2023

Majority of the population in low and middle-income countries still lack access to comprehensive cancer care even with the advancements in cancer prevention, treatment and diagnosis[1]. This equity gap in accessing cancer care implicates the lives of many. Hence, there is need to close the care gap by knowledge dissemination, mobilizing stakeholders, fostering accountability and supporting structured interventions to improve access to cancer care.

Cognizant of the equity gap that exists, World Cancer Day is held every 4th of February to raise worldwide awareness, improve education and catalyze personal, collective and government action towards equitable access to cancer care.[2] This year’s theme, Close the Care Gap, calls for uniting our voices and act collectively to ensure access to cancer care and treatment is available and equitable for all.

Ryculture Health and Social Innovation held a webinar on 3rd February to mark World Cancer Day under the theme ‘Galvanizing Action to Close the Cancer Care Gap’. Dubbed the #C-Word Care, Compassion, Commitment to close the cancer care gap.  The webinar was facilitated by Dr. Shadrack Opon, a health systems expert who gave a lecture on the gaps, advances and gave recommendations on how to strengthen Kenya’s healthcare system to close the cancer care gap.

The general objectives of the webinar were to:

  • Outline the gaps in cancer care ranging from diagnosis, treatment and cancer management policies
  • Mobilize young people and stakeholders to work towards closing the cancer care gap.
  • Establish a consensus to works towards closing the cancer care gap.

This report provides a summary of the deliberations during the webinar. The recording of the session can be accessed through our YouTube channel here.

[1] WCD Impact Report 2022.

[2] World cancer day.

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