Diabetes Care during COVID-19: The Essentials

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) globally. It’s characterized by elevated sugar levels in blood circulation. As a lifestyle condition, our life choices and feeding habits play a substantial role in development of diabetes. This is why lifestyle modification i.e. exercising, dietary modification and adoption of mobile lifestyle are encouraged. These can be coupled with medications depending on disease progression.

Following coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, patients with diabetes have been found to be at a higher risk of developing serious complications and even dying from the complications. This is attributed to their underlying disease (diabetes) which lowers their immunity, while at the same time with high sugar levels viral replication is enhanced thus heightened risk.

On the backdrop of this, it’s imperative that we put in place measures to protect people suffering from diabetes from contracting the infection (COVID-19), ensuring continuous and reliable supply of their anti-diabetic medicines while at the same time promoting lifestyle modification efforts such as dietary control and physical exercises to ensure they achieve optimal sugar control.

You can watch the recording here to learn of the ways you can drive action for diabetes management: https://youtu.be/li_liY_XYgI

AuthorDr. Odhiambo David, Co-founder, Ryculture Health and Social Innovation

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