Call for Abstracts: 2nd Annual YouTH Voices Summit

Ryculture Health and Social Innovation[1] is a forward-looking social enterprise that works with young people and youth-led organizations in Kenya to improve access to quality healthcare services and products and promote human capital development through operational research, health communication, health systems strengthening and capacity building programs.

Ryculture Health and Social Innovation through the YouTH Voices Network, a platform designed to enlighten, empower and evoke action among the Kenyan youth to act for their health & health of their communities, will host the 2nd Annual YouTH Voices Summit from 1st – 3rd December 2022. This is an annual convening that brings together youth leaders and youth led organizations committed to and working towards the realization of Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC) to share best practices, showcase innovative ideas and stimulate discussions to inform policies towards youth-responsive health systems. The overarching theme of the summit is ‘Activating Youthful Leadership Towards Universal Health Coverage’. Students, researchers, research-based organizations among others are invited to submit abstracts informed by the aforementioned theme.

Abstract Presentation Guidelines

The abstract presentations will be either of the two ways:

  • Oral presentations to last 10 minutes
  • Poster presentations.

Interested applicants should submit their abstracts before the indicated deadline and the abstracts should be between 300 – 500 words.  The abstracts should be in line with the conference theme and/or sub-themes.

Presentations can be made either as a group or individually. Submissions by individuals will be no more than two as first author. The submitted abstracts will be reviewed by Ryculture team and a panel of judges and final decisions on the selected abstracts will be communicated via email. 

Timelines & Submission Details

Call for Abstract Submission:12th September 2022

Deadline: 10th October 2022

Feedback: 30th October 2022

Abstracts to be sent via email to with title ‘ABSTRACT: Title of Abstract’


The abstracts should include the following depending on whether the abstract is research based or not

Research Based AbstractsNon-Research Based Abstracts
Author, Affiliation & Contact EmailAuthor, Affiliation & Contact Email
MethodsProblem Statement
ResultsProposed solution in Practical Implementation Mechanisms
DiscussionConclusion and Recommendations
Conclusion and Recommendations 

Conference Sub Themes

The abstract submission should be based on the WHO Health System Pillars[2] i.e.,

  1. Health Service Delivery: the focus should be on how to improve access to quality healthcare services ranging from preventive, health promotion, curative, palliative and rehabilitative services. The abstract can present on an idea or a research project on how to deliver healthcare services to populations efficiently, effectively and sustainably.
  2. Health Workforce: the focus should be on how to attract, train, employ, empower and retain healthcare workers from community health workforce to specialists in different cadres. The abstract can present on ideas to improve on health worker competencies, attitudes and wellbeing; working conditions and remuneration models to ensure health workers are motivated and engaged in their vocation.
  3. Health Information Systems: the focus should be on how to leverage on health information systems including technological solutions in interventions ranging from public health education, health service delivery, health workforce training, data generation for policy making and health programs design.
  4. Healthcare Financing: the focus should be on healthcare financing models and solutions that improve affordability of healthcare services and products both through public financing, private insurance schemes and social insurance models such as national insurance programs and community-based insurance programs.
  5. Access to Essential Medicines, Health Products and Technologies: the focus should be on how to address stock outs and expiries in medicines and health products while optimizing the supply chain networks. Consideration on how to leverage on youth-led and youth drive initiatives to optimize supply to the last mile of healthcare delivery will be critical.
  6. Leadership and Governance: the focus should be on how to ensure effective leadership and governance in the healthcare system which optimizes use of available resources, reduces waste and ensures responsiveness to needs of communities and health systems. The youth perspective to leadership and governance of health systems is encouraged.

Presenters can write on any of these health system pillars with a focus on any disease area, project/program intervention of their choice.

[1] Ryculture Health and Social Innovation:


You can download the PDF below for further reference.

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